Websites for petstores

A new project completed by our web design team. We created the new website of Zoolandia Alba, one of the best known activities in the Cuneo area in the field of gardening, products for animals and accessories for fishing.

For this work, the way of the consulting website was chosen. In fact, during the briefing phase, the customer requested a web application that could answer the many questions that customers ask themselves most often. In synergy with our editorial department, a website full of information, advice and suggestions was created.

Talking about the graphics, we chose colors that characterize each thematic area of the website, green for gardening, red for animals, blue for fishing, in order to help the user find their way around a site full of pages and topics different. The photographs taken by our team completed the work.

A web work that is not only beautiful to look at, but also useful in different ways for every type of user.

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