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    We are campaign managers.

    We manage your web sponsorship through SEO with CPC (cost per click). Adwords is a strong tool to achieve distant goals. Think big, think you want to get your voice in foreign countries or where you want more. Today with our technicians it is possible to arrive in a professional and targeted manner by sex, country, time slots, days, impressions, clicks, …

    We develop complete web marketing strategies, modular and scalable, to guarantee our customers the achievement of results, flexibility of intervention and full economic sustainability.

    The right contents.

    Before getting off to an early start with a sponsorship campaign it is necessary to focus on what you want to go to propose and show. LANGA experts will analyze scenarios for you, study contents, evaluate goals and possibilities.

    Face to face

    We evaluate possible developments and growth prospects through a series of strategic meetings. We set goals with you, monitoring the results. With us, you can finally have a face to face (and not just digital) report on the progress of your Google Ads campaigns.

    People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories and magic

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    Show yourself well

    01. Impressions

    The number of impressions is an important metric for evaluating the performance of web content. Impressions represent the number of times a content, a video, a web page, a graphic banner have had the chance to be viewed by users. This frequency may vary depending on the quality of the contents developed.


    02. Clicks

    Google Ads records an action when a user clicks on a possible ad, for example on the blue title of a text ad. This is a good sign because the content turns out to be correct and well structured. From the click, the user interested will start to browse the sponsored website and then reach a possible contact.


    03. Conversion

    This is an action that is counted when a user interacts with a web ad, for example when he clicks on a text ad or a corporate video and then performs an action such as filling out a form, an online purchase or a call from a mobile phone to the activity concerned.

    Editorial content for the web

    Ad hoc content designed to attract the public.

    We are here for you.

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    Google Ads campaigns

    This service is intended for customers who wish to expand their online visibility through this well-known Google platform, but first they consider it necessary for a team of professionals to take charge of the management.

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