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Simple! because no user would be able to view or use it, if not spurred correctly.LANGA Studios are able to manage different types of campaigns in order to promote and advertise the contents developed for your business.

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    An example of a Facebook Ad campaign related to likes

    Here on the side you can see an example of a statistical graph relating to the management of a Facebook company page. As you can see, the result in a month was very satisfying, both at the level of the organic likes and paid for. The lost likes (in black) are relatively few, if compared with the other two types of like.

    Coverage statistics
    of the posts

    Always for the same Facebook company page, for some articles/posts, we proceeded to sponsor certain contents (related to corporate events and business promo). From the graph you can see a considerable increase in the audience, especially on October 21st, where we have reached 360 people (not bad) and, paying, more than 1200.


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