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eCommerce platform

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    Why an

    To be able to sell your products in the simplest and best way. We create customized e-commerce platforms. Buying and selling via the internet is convenient, fast and simple. This is why online sales data are in an exponential growth phase. The eCommerce website has therefore become a must for companies. It is no longer a question of using the web only to show oneself, but it will be used as a store, to attract customers and bring them to purchase.

    Creating an eCommerce platform is particularly suitable for companies that are already on the web, and they want to raise the bar by building an online shop. Of course it is also possible to start directly from scratch with the construction of an eCommerce, but we think that, on the web as in life, things must be done one step at a time.


    The product is the article chosen by the client during navigation. It must show itself correlated to the image highlighted before the click. Furthermore, it must show more information, such as: image gallery, price, discount, share buttons, button for adding one item to the cart and much more.


    The cart represents a container where we can go and put the objects we’re interested in and that we want to purchase. It is usually placed at the top right and it is possible to proceed with the acceptance of the conditions imposed by the seller and then to the payment of the item.


    The checkout operation is represented by the action of the client who wants to purchase the product, it must guarantee the option of choice inherent to the shipment and the related payment methods for the purchase of the item entered in the cart.


    Choose to connect express couriers for your shipments. You will no longer have to fear long-range deliveries. DHL, FEDEX, UPS will help you use the platform with their additions.

    A well-studied

    In recent times, LANGA Studios have developed a personalized eCommerce platform (in this case, which does not manage payments, but only orders), for a logistics company that needed a platform where customers could configure and budget their structures. Before proceeding, the LANGA developers have carefully analyzed the client’s requests, to create a personalized eCommerce platform based on the customer and above all scalable over time.


    To learn more, in the section below you can see the dedicated case study.

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