All types of web applications

Web development


We develop applications suitable for every kind of web need.

Simple websites for small activites, to show yourself in the web in the correct way.

We create dynamic websites, where the user can be a direct editor.

Work done with care and passion

Our IT  technicians are at your service with teh Set up Assistance.

Through experienced employees we will be able to make your business ideas work.

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What the Client sees

Here you can see the initial part of a website created by our Studios. What you see is simply a screen that depicts the headline of one of the many websites marked LANGA.

Sito internet dinamico Sito internet dinamico

What’s behind

This is only a part of the code written by our developers to show the customer the content in a correct and professional manner. All this to point out that, even behind the simplest website, there is a very demanding job.


Ideal for presenting small companies


To be technologically advanced


Design of online selling platforms

Websites and applications of all kinds

Designed specifically for your business.