Showcase website

For small but ambitious companies.

A simple website.
Simple doesn’t mean easy.

A good start.

LANGA’s showcase website has been specifically designed for those companies that wish to have a small but pleasant online presentation. The code that is developed for our showcase websites is the result of years of study and research, which allowed us to calibrate the right digital elements to be integrated, without neglecting anything.

For images and insertions


Graphic designer

A professional touch in the post-production phase of your photos

For your web code


Web designer

For the creation of a simple, effective layout in line with the current style canons


Developing the ideas of larger departments allows us to show even the smallest things in the best way. Lightness is the basis of this type of online presentation.

We choose to create our %ONE projects using few but important and consolidated development technologies such as HTML, CSS and Js.

Web typography

Google fonts

Use of Google typefaces for a pleasant web content reading

Photographic softwares


Photos provided by the Client and retouched by the Studios for a professional integration


A well-made showcase website. The %ONE website is the perfect online showcase for those who would like to show themselves professionally, even in their own small business reality. For us, the presentation of a web showcase is simplified down to the essentials, in order to always have the right elements in the right place.

Typefaces, photographic post-production, usability elements and accessibility must always guarantee great pleasure and ease of use.


We evaluate the restrictions of responsive technology in every form so that your use is versatile, at any time and on any type of device. For example, if you are the airport and don’t have a pc, you will be able to show your website from any mobile device, without worrying that the text and images of the site are not visible or that your showcase website is not suitable for your interlocutor.

With %ONE you will have an innovative online presentation, created by professional code developers and not by sentient programs.

Dynamic grid


We operate by means of responsive template layouts for the adaptability of the site on various devices

Commercial consultancy

We recommend that you always request prior commercial advice from our agents and our official dealers, in order to find what you are really looking for.

9:00 – 12:00 14:00 – 16:00

  • Commercial consultancy
  • Information on promo
  • Dedicated quotes

Technical consultancy

For the work progress already undertaken with LANGA, you can receive free technical assistance throughout the set up period or during the assistance extension.

We remind you of the technical department number for:

  • Receive technical information
  • Support request
  • Project management

8:00 – 13:00 14:00 – 17:00

Included tools

Each %ONE showcase website includes tools that will allow you to present your business.

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