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Buying and selling via the internet is convenient, fast and simple: this is why data on online commerce is in a phase of exponential growth. eCommerce sites have become a must for businesses looking to expose themselves to digital sales. It is no longer a question of using the web as a showcase but as a real shop, to attract customers and entice them to make purchases.

The technical department creates %COM packages with great aesthetic care and extreme ease of use.

For project management


Web architect

A figure who will draw up the project plan for both the development of the technical and revision design process.

To configure management


Back-end dev

A professional figure for the development of the graphic interface that will give life to your user panels, through roles and permissions.

For the insertion of products


Shop manager

It will help you insert and configure products within your online platform.

Practical, for everyone

The eCommerce website is developed precisely for the sale of those products or services that must be purchased remotely, through web technology and without direct physical approach. The characteristic of %COM eCommerce platforms lies in the ease of use for both managers and end customers.

%COM is a professional and customized tool that is created to meet the need for online sales, allowing users who manage the platform to have complete control of the items and sales policies. The programmers who shape this platform interpolate web storage technologies with the experience of online sales tactics, to build a high-design machine capable of doing business.


The %COM Cube presents itself as an extremely powerful tool for purchasing products or services. Thanks to the virtual and physical machines installed for its operation, %COM will be able to satisfy the most frenetic requests for customer consultation without ever encountering technical critical situations. By means of the eCommerce package, the platform managers will be able to control every aspect related to the management of services and/or products, their sale, their storage and/or their warehouse supply.


The layout parts are developed by expert designers so that users can take advantage of them not only in consultation but also in purchasing safety, without neglecting the fundamental steps of each store. The integration of payment methods such as PayPal or Stripe simplifies purchases, guaranteeing greater security to the platform. The %COM platform uses the HTTPS protocol and the encrypted SSL security certificate, for greater protection of personal and fiscal data that are released at the time of check-out.

Breadcrumbs dedicated to the eCommerce process steps, go back and forth to review your options.
Select the filters in your opinion most suitable to search for your product.
List price, discounted price, image with size and color taxonomies are just some of the product choice parameters.
Management of the minimum and maximum quantities related to the purchase of the single product or product package.
Give your potential customers the opinions and evaluation rating of each individual product, to drive sales.
Already provide purchase reports starting from the cart and continue to be transparent with the email template tools.
Give the prospect a choice on payment methods. Bank transfers, Stripe method, PayPal …
Area dedicated to the encrypted entry of the buyer’s credit card numbers. %COM will treat sensitive data with the utmost confidentiality and correctness of the privacy regulations.
Provide the right accessibility of the purchase tool by providing a platform that is not only responsive but also suitable for the correct usability of the UI and UX elements.

Functional and intuitive

With %COM the customers who will view the platform will be able to browse safely until the purchase of the product in a functional and intuitive way. The integration of numerous programming and design elements help both the managing user in the easy insertion of the products and the user in consultation towards the purchase. By means of Wishlist sections, social share buttons and comparative tables, %COM is able to facilitate the user in the pre-selection phase of their purchases.

Included tools

Each %COM eCommerce website has an important list of virtual tools that characterize it in appearance, functionality and quality.

Commercial consulting

We recommend that you always request prior commercial advice from our agents and official dealers in order to find what you are really looking for.

9:00 – 12:00 14:00 – 16:00

  • Commercial consultancy
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Technical consultancy

For the work progress already undertaken with LANGA, you can receive free technical assistance throughout the set up period or during the assistance extension.

We remind you of the technical department number for:

  • Receive technical information
  • Support request
  • Project management

8:00 – 13:00 14:00 – 17:00

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