Websites for butchers

A new work from our web designer team was released a few hours ago. In fact, the website of the Barone butcher’s shop has undergone an impressive refurbishment that has led it to be suitable for the standards required today. In fact, the Customer requested a web processing that was able to show the quality of its products, farms and raw materials.

For years, LANGA WEB technicians have been creating websites for butchers throughout the country. Having by now experience in the field, I am able to better deal with this type of work.

Following several creative meetings, our technicians opted for a graphic solution based on the colors red and white, referring to the colors of the flesh. The web designers have therefore opted for a website that is essentially clean and simple to view, with some graphic elements referring to home sales (vans, road signs …), a characteristic of the customer. All this has turned into a minimal layout with some creative stylistic elements that capture the user’s attention. A section was also created to host the exclusive butcher’s products, for which our creatives decided to adopt a fun line, inserting photos of the animals with characteristic elements, to make the page light and pleasant to the eye.

Finally, the LANGA PRINT photographic team took shots on site to best complement the processing. A butcher that wants to go beyond the borders of its own village, opening up to new perspectives and new horizons.

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