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AdWords Campaigns are an online advertising service, which allows to insert advertising spaces in Google’s search pages. These ads are usually located at the top and are selected by an algorithm which takes account of  the words searched by the user. Using the AdWords Campaigns service, will be displayed advertisements related to the user’s purposes, improving the investment of the companies which advertise through this service.

We lean on Google and provide this service in order to enhance the number of visits to the client’s domain.

LANGA WEB creates textual advertisements, banners and rich-media. The textual advertisements are composed by a 25-characters title, a line including the ebsite’s address and two additional 35-characters lines. Banners may also be interactive. For the announces dedicated to local activities we insert the telephone number to directly contact the company or find it on the maps (really useful on insertions addressed to mobile devices). Create your AdWords Campaign with LANGA WEB.

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LANGA WEB creates AdWords Campaigns targeted to a certain public and sets marketing goals  leaning on Google. The insertions system is based on the pay per click (PPC), namely, on the formula which requests a cost from the one who publishes the advertisements, only if the ad is really clicked by a user. It is possible to create campaigns based on cost per mille (CPM) a fixed cost every thousand views. In the last years has been added a system which allows to plan the expenditure depending on the goals fixed, that can differ depending on the website’s typology.