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Two fine lines. You, us and a (black) ocean full of competitors.

Mobile App

Starting from the websites, we develop APPs for Mobile Devices, adapting them to every smartphone and tablet, everything in AndroidiOS and Windows environments. Our Agency deals with the entire APP development, distinctly working together with the ideas of Customer’s company. We plan meetings, sessions, constant revisions until the final development and distributions in respective Stores.

Our area of expertise is developing customized Native APPs through SDK and Swift coding, to link modules and code sequences as you prefer in order to manage your Business. We also produce simpler Web View APPs.

Turbo processor


Thanks to the code-ordering and the right processors we will be able to make your APP run faster, avoiding abrupt shut-down. Turbo processor can do so and a lot more of what you got on your mind.

Impact view


The high-impact creative visibility is what is needed for your APP’s success. Increasingly Use-Friendly! Today, LANGA WEB‘s APPs are even more vivid and smart, thanks to Impact View.

Easy touch


The most appropriate usability tools in order to speed up production times, nowadays with Easy Touch it is possible! The perfect dynamics for modules’ jumps will make you live an unique net-surfing experience.

Light use


Through Light use optimization our APPs weight little and consume even more. Experience Light use dynamics for yourself to save your smartphone’s battery.

Why the APP

Nowadays many people believe having an APP is useful only to big companies with wide communication networks and to perform some dumb functionalities. Absolutely not. LANGA WEB APPs are able to monitor, manage or check the job you’ve done, simplifying steps or even immediately cut the costs. Simple, fast, user-friendly and always with you, our APPs  are dynamic  like our websites and can manage every ideological control. Big or small it does not matter, we are interested in what you have in mind and in its realization.

* ask for more info, leave us your data.

WEBSITES | Programming at the forefront of technology.


APP Development LANGA WEB | Siti Web, Programmazione e Social con Metodo


Have you got a company?
Do you want to show yourself as technologically ready?

If you want to enhance Websites’ aesthetic quality, functionality and visibility, boost your image or simply exploit an higher communication power, LANGA WEB is here and will help you doing it. To make your product known and hit effectively your Clients, LANGA WEB will provide you different tools able to increase your public. Customized Websites developed for your company!

Vivid and dynamic websites
like you have never seen.
Judge for yourself!



Through compressor tools we are able to help the Buffering for code downloading. Cache memory even faster thanks to HTML, Css and Js compressor tools. Forget about slow websites and glitches during the download, nowadays the Buffering is down to the bone, and it is almost non-existent.

Full width


HD Photos integrated into the code with even greater importance, everything thanks to the powerful Frameworks helping the perfect image’s insertion. High Definition Photographies, edited specifically for web sessions and websites, able to inspire emotions to the customers who are visiting the websites.



Through the Bootstrap tool we will manage to manipulate your contents to show the client in the most user-friendly way. Pc, tablet, smartphone or great viewers able to reproduce the websites’ coding in the best way possible for the best net-surfing experience. Try it for yourself now!



LANGA WEB can develop your applications with a number of Optionals for your needs. The code integrations represent the Optionals offered, good for your websites’ implementation, exactly as you want! LANGA WEB Optionals are available for viewing directly on LANGA App.

LANGA WEB | Siti Web, Programmazione e Social con Metodo

Why a Responsive Website?

We are able to develop websites with high-fluidity dynamisms because we know what we are doing. The Informatic Team for Websites works through a wide commercial network on a wide geographic area and relates to different kinds of commercial sector. We provide Institutional or creative Websitesbased on the analysis about sectoral studies for sale. Once the planning has been structured, we go on with demos and subsequent revisions with the client, so that the project will reflect the requested styling cues. Choose to rely on Web technicians.

A Brand in the IT field.


We realize customized e-commerce websites. Online purchasing and selling is handy, fast and simple. That is why the online sales data are exponentially growing. E-commerce websites nowadays are fundamental for companies. It does not mean using the web as a display case, but as a shop, to attract customers and convince them to purchase items.

LANGA WEB | Siti Web, Programmazione e Social con Metodo

Products' Grid

The product grid represents the list of products the company would like to showcase. It must be readily accessible by the client and show them by order of choice (most popular, most recent, less expensive, ...)


Product is the item chosen by customer during browsing. It has to be related to the featured image and before the click, it has to display more info, like: image gallery, price, discount,share buttons, a button for the addition to shopping chart,...

Shopping Chart

The shopping chart represents a container where we can put the items we are interested in and we would like to purchase. It is often placed on the top right side and through it we can accept the conditions required by the vendor and related to the item's payment.


The checkout operation is the action performed by the client who wants to purchase the product. It has to ensure the choose option related to shipping and the payment methods for purchasing of items in the shopping chart.
WEBSITES | Programming at the forefront of technology.

Hi Luca,

you have bought 3 Products

Shopping Cart:

  • 1 X T-Shirt    €8.00
  • 2 X Snickers    €5.00
  • 1 X All Stars    €9.00
  • Total    €27.00



Choose to link express couriers for your shipments. You will no longer have to worry about long-range deliveries. DHL, FEDEX, UPS will help you use the platform with their integrations.



Grant your web platform a site for pick up or allow classic delivery through canonical shippers. Providing alternative methods will increase your chances of selling.



PayPal is a safe payment Method which guarantees money’s online transaction. It has been evaluated as the transfer method  with the safest encryption.



Skrill offers money transfer services via e-mail. With a second integration, like Skrill, you should be able to choose an alternative method during Checkout.

Seo & Social

Furthermore, LANGA WEB has a Social Media department, dealing with Marketing campaigns planning on sponsorship platforms. Contact us to ask for more info about our quick-publishing programs from you Website to your Corporate Socials. Do not waste time! We carry out SEO on many fronts, in order to have you found in a quicker and better way for your company.

Link in the faster and most effective way possible!

Websites LANGA WEB LANGA WEB | Siti Web, Programmazione e Social con Metodo



We are managing your sponsorship through SEO with CPC (cost per click). Adwords is a strong tool to reach long-distance goals. Think big, think about having your voice got in foreign Countries or where you are willing the most. Now with our technicians is possible to get there professionally and targeting sex, country, time, days, impressions, clicks, …



Increase your fame on the most common Social, increase your visibility through Facebook. Facebook engine provides visibility in a simplified way by sponsoring posts, events, and / or targeting your audience to your ideas. Choose a sponsorship tool like Fb to display yourself, choose us to manage your content and sales strategy.



Choose the LANGA WEB Team to manage your “Tweet”, choose LANGA WEB to have a more important voice, choose LANGA WEB to hit the correct way; so, Twitter can be the right solution. Do not confuse the Social Network, thinking they’re all the same! Every Social Media has been designed to generate different impressions, Twitter is a Noble platform and as such should be used.



Sharing the pictures you take has never been so easy with Instagram but remember that it should not be always done straight off. There are great authors, companies, and brands devoting entire teams for managing your Instagram profile … what may seem casual many times is planned by dozens of people to strike in the right way and time. We are in a world managed by sales management agencies; )

LANGA WEB | Siti Web, Programmazione e Social con Metodo

Why sponsoring?

Not for selling more, but for doing it classy, targetting the right people. We manage and constantly follow Social Campaigns of small/ medium and big companies, that are eager to access on platforms like FacebookGoogle PlusYoutubePinterestLinkedinTumblr, Instagram and many others. Doing so, we increase their precence into the web, providing them a proper presentation.


We are web programmers able to realize your IT ideas. We expose ourselves in many sectors of informatics in order to provide a service even more thorough and fulfilling for customers’ needs. PHP, MySQL, Js, jQuery, css3, Html5, SDK, Swift, …they are only a few of the languages used to develop informatics programs.

LANGA WEB | Siti Web, Programmazione e Social con Metodo LANGA WEB | Siti Web, Programmazione e Social con Metodo

LANGA WEB | Siti Web, Programmazione e Social con Metodo
Thanks to Easy LANGA we will manage to shap your Web Marketing. Thanks to our management program Easy LANGA we are able to guarantee a project organisation without any comparison, allowing an highly professional result for your Projects (websites, print, videos and whatever you can imagine…). Thanks, Easy LANGA.