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    Micro enterprise site
    Showcase website
    Restyling showcase websites
    Social media management
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    Essential website

    Easy, for you.

    Micro enterprise website

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    Showcase website

    For small business

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    Websites and sponsorship

    Dynamic website
    Dynamic website restyling
    Organic voice plan
    Web content plan
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    Dynamic website

    For companies and industries

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    For the most demanding

    eCommerce platform
    Restyling eCommerce
    Google Ads
    Website indexing
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    To sell online

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    Tailor-made apps and systems

    We are able to offer our Clients any tailor-made computer codifications they need for their production flow and to shape a fitting methodological procedure for their units or their planning processes. Our tailor-made %SMART packages do not have any standard features or tools included as they are crafted to meet your demands and to be totally customizable.


    Tailor-made code

    Custom UI/UX

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    Innovate for
    amaze, always.

    We do art, not just marketing.

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    The right content

    If you want to increase the aesthetic quality, functionality and visibility of your website or platform, re-launch your image or simply exploit greater communicative power, LANGA WEB is there and will help you do so.

    The customized Web

    To make your product known and effectively reach your customers, LANGA WEB will offer you different tools that can amplify your audience. For years we have been creating websites and customized web applications specifically designed for your business.

    Our task? To tell.

    Every company has something to tell and the objective of the Studios is to give voice to each identity using simple and effective language. In this particular process, the LANGA Studios put their skills into play to communicate, through the web world, the experience and values of the customer through the web.



    Showcase website
    Dynamic websites
    eCommerce platforms



    Google campaigns
    SEO & SEM
    Social media management



    Business and Technology Consulting



    %ONE Showcase website
    %WEB Dynamic website
    %COM eCommerce platform

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